Building a Blogger Influencer Network

Blogging is very popular these days. As a blogger you need traffic to convert users to leads (we leave this thing to you as you already own the magic of a great content). So the key question is: how to grow a blog without spending tons of moneys? The problem of growth is the problem of attracting backlinks: they get you a Direct Traffic as well as a better search ranking in Google, which results in even more traffic.

When there is a competition in a market, there always exist a certain pace how an average website attracts backlinks. Figuratively saying, the level of competitiveness of a niche is how fast you must work to outpace your competitors.

In every percentile of the market niche there is an average ‘speed of link building’ — if you do better and faster, your website climbs to the higher centile. Obviously, the larger website is the easier it’s to attract web links for them. They attract links simply because they are more visible.

So, call it a Great Link Divide, a distance between a Small and Large website as represented in number of links. You need to work harder, be smarter and spend more than a Large website to cross that Divide. Except for you have to do you main job of blogging.

Image a website that produces lots of content (it is not hard to do, just think of yourself). Daily you put external links to websites that might be interesting to your readers. For example, when you write 10 places to visit in Paris you would of course use some external links. And you don’t expect those websites to link back to you. Now, what if they DO? Suppose you have 100 fellow websites and NOT your direct competitors that will link to you daily! That’s what we call the Influencer Network.

What is Blogger Influencer Network ( say ‘BIN’)?

It’s a group of people looking to rank their websites (profiles) in Google in similar industries (not direct competitors) who work together to help each other reach their objectives.

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