Is It Still Morally Not Ok to Write Custom Essays?

We have been down this road for too long. We have been called cheaters and espoused it, until we found the line of aspiring writers to our door is longer than that to a conventional freelance platform.

So, what’s wrong with the economy? Or the academia? Or both, and is it still morally not ok to write custom essays?

An academic ghostwriting

When it comes to custom essays the first thing to understand is what you actually buy. Essentially, it is a text written specifically to your requirements, i.e. custom written, by a someone, a ghostwriter. It implies that a person that writes resigns her intellectual property on this piece of work and transfer all rights to a customer in exchange for money. This is  why we call custom essay writers ghostwriters — they write but are getting credits for what they have written.

How ghostwriting is treated in different industries?

Propelling your career forward with someone else words is not an issue in journalism or blogging.

Many CEOs and celebrities have their own writers or social content managers to take care on the numerous accounts, op-eds and thought leadership venues they use. Arguably, even Her Majesty employs her “ladies in waiting” to respond to numerous letters, etc. Resources like Upwork are swamped with writers who are willing to ghostwrite…

What defines whether or not to see ghostwriting as morally kosher?

There probably is a point when ghostwriter think “some assignments are better than other”.

In academia world, having someone to write your essay is considered plagiarism in a broad sense. It means that a person has not done a research herself and used someone else’s work without a proper attribution.  And plagiarism hampers your academic reputation. In a professional settings, the “plagiarism” actually bolsters your professional reputation as you probably capitalize on it as a blogger or a social personality.

Still wondering how to complete your essay before the deadline? Pay for papers at Edusson and get not only well-written essay but also professional writing and proofreading help.

Does it mean the “academic world” are more apprehensive of plagiarism? Or does it mean the “real life” is more apprehensive of any kind of morality?

I believe settings define rules. Likewise, if real world virtue is an ability to survive and expand, and ordering ghostwriters fits that goal, then it is treated as normal.

On the other hand, what is the modern academic virtue? It is still an ability to do quality and independent research, think independently? If so, who comes there are some many expat students in the Ivy League colleges who barely speak English? Do we actually believe that business student from abroad would not import the “business-like set of mind” into the education settings?

The question of academia resistance to real life challenges is a question of a possible fracture in our universities. And it has nothing to do with morality. At least, universities must not use morality as a shield to weather off the urges for change.

Do universities provide an adequate tuition? If so, why there are so many homework help and “Uber-for-tutors” platforms these days? These are not even classic essay mills. Yet, what they cater is a solution for a symptom of an illness, a fracture, in our universities. Yet as Doug Bierend “Cheating Economy” research provides a big fraction of online tutoring platforms’ clients ask for essay writing service.

From a standpoint of the former essay mill publisher I can see several issues with essay “cheating” right now.

First, it is a rising demand curve. The number of students ordering custom essay doubles each year. And the customers are not foreign students solely as many think. We can see lots of native English speakers who want to have their essay written for them. While some of students are lazy or busy at work, most of the customers are simply afraid they writing does not live up to the required standard.

A student’s failure to fall moves the whole custom essay industry upward.

Second, it is a rising supply curve. We have got dozens and dozens of really good writers register on our website everyday. We have got writers that make $75k in a year. One of them is from Kenya, and I bet you know what it means to make this amount from a Kenya home. When I tell this story to the US guys who apply I feel I have them bought in.

In the market where words is a little commodity, academic ghostwriting is a choice that pays off

Third, the stakes are rising. The tuition costs rise each year and they got student enter the workforce from the very first days in the college.

The largest growing group of essay writers is students who write to pay for their tuition

Fourth, the technology battle. Colleges use plagiarism checking software. The plagiarism issue is so huge that universities employ quite sophisticated software to checks the not only the online sources (as previously) but also the entire database of essay ever turned in. And you know what? The technology battle is in the full swing. Custom essay companies may access the system too and / or use 3rd party software to ensure the papers meet the requirements. Additionally, essay mills even use advanced content checkers like ContentYoda to ensure the text is perfectly tailored to the student’s academic level (a third-rate student would attract suspicion if they submitted a first-class essay).

A quest for changes in the academic agenda comes from different venues and paradoxically enough from the essay writing companies too.

The dark side of custom essay business is competition. As the market rises, competitors spare no efforts to destroy the peers, including all possible black hat techniques. Also, a technology essay mills employ to weather off possible plagiarism pushes them to their margins. Finally, as essay writer get more proficient and develop their own customer base they tend to negotiate better rates, which weighs on the profitability too.

With a view to that, custom essay writers are interested in changing the rules. We at Edusson.com have build our own recipe for that: drifting away from custom writing to editing, proofreading your essay and teaching. Yes, teaching.

We have expanded the lineup of services to make money off advisory rather than custom writing. We even have created a Free Access Essay Writing Software that check the student text against a whole set of readability and text quality algorithms. And finally, we gave them webinars how to improve their writing skills.

The early results of this are mixed. Yet, we hope to expand the share of advisory services vs. custom writing to 50%/50%. And this is our real world, not moral stance. The proportion of customers with each service will probably depend on the ability of universities to tackle the real world challenges the way custom essay writers we do, including their ability to take the stress out of essay writing and even allow due credit of essay editors if that’s what it takes.

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