What are the Benefits to Students in Using Turnitin?

Plagiarism checkers, such as Turnitin, are used by lecturers to inspect papers and find out whether the student has plagiarized the content from an unquoted source. If you are serious about your research or academic work, therefore, you might want to invest in this specialized tool.

Consider the following benefits that Turnitin provides for students:

  1. Instant FeedbackYou took hours or months to piece your essay together, check it for errors, correct it, and make it look good. Then, you submit it to another plagiarism checker and it takes hours to give you feedback. During this time, you feel stressed out and anxious that there must be something wrong with your essay. You certainly don’t need this kind of stress when you are working hard towards attaining a good grade and passing your exams. When you use Turnitin, you will avoid all this inner turmoil and havoc. The software has been designed in such a way that it will give you instant feedback. This way, you will know when you are on the right track. Additionally, in case the tool discovers any errors, you will have enough time to correct them as required before you hand in your essay to the lecturer.
  2. FairnessAnother benefit that you stand to gain by using Turnitin is that it is always fair. Seeing as how it is a software program, it follows that there will be no favoritism, or prior objectivity. The lecturer will set a specific assessment for the essay writing assignment they give you. This will be used to check your paper to find out if there are any instances of plagiarism. Since everyone in the class will be graded using the same criteria and system, it follows that you can relax knowing that nothing will hinder you from getting the grade you have worked so hard for in that essay.
  3. Acquire HonestyBad habits, like plagiarizing content, are hard to break. Once you ingrain this habit into your normal student life, chances are that you will repeat it anytime you are given a writing assignment in class. By using Turnitin, you can kick these bad habits from the onset. In fact, the software program has been designed in such a way that even the slightest instant of obvious plagiarism will be spotted and marked red. Fearing that you will get a poor grade should this happen to your essay, you will quickly learn the value of hard work, thorough research, proper writing, and honesty. Similarly, you will always force yourself to double and triple check your essays before submitting them. All of the above are positive habits that will serve you well once you graduate and get into the job market. Remember, no one likes a liar/cheat/thief. The earlier you learn this, the easier life will get for you.


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Concluding Thought

Over and above everything else, all the top colleges and schools of higher learning use Turnitin. This is because it is not only beneficial to the lecturers, professors, and tutors, it also helps the students in the long run. Remember, there is no better plagiarism essay checker out there that will provide you with the positive habits, feedback, and knowledge to toss your essays to the professional academic grade.


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