Problem Solution Essay About Preventing Racism

British psychologist and author Binna Kandola compares racism to “a virus that lingers in organizations because people have internalized racist stereotypes” (Hirsch). Despite various efforts of organizations and media, there is still a need to open and diversify people.

The key to preventing racism is the effort to achieve a peaceful, diversified community. Once a community aims to have this, the steps toward preventing racism in the community will be achieved.

The first step in preventing racism is self-awareness. Once a person understands the different stereotypes brought about by culture, race, religion, and ethnicity, he or she can become aware of how these stereotypes can affect people negatively. Awareness is important because it brings about sensitivity towards other cultures, races, religions, and ethnicities (Bennett).

The second step in preventing racism is exposure to diversity. People must be exposed to various cultures in order to open their minds to the beauty of diversity. Exposure does not only mean learning; it also means immersing oneself with the uniqueness of every ethnicity.

The most important step in preventing racism is having mutual respect. Each individual comes from a unique and beautiful background. Respecting one another fosters a healthier and more productive environment (Flinders University).

With various efforts, there can be a peaceful, diversified, and racism-free community. That will be such a wonderful place to live in.

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