Best Mad Max Movie Review Sample

The Mad World of Fury

Apocalyptic actions of “Mad Max: Fury Road” take place in the furthest reaches of the Earth. The world turned to hell. It is an arid waste land of sand and dust. Humanity is lost, everyone is fighting for himself. There goes Max, the lonely wanderer, who is tormented by the ghosts of his past. He searches for peace of his mind, but suddenly he is abducted by some wild soldiers and falls into a series of unpredictable events…

George Miller managed to set a certain, utterly astonishing, tone of the film from the very beginning. It is impregnated by fantastically crazy speed, unstoppable dynamics, unrelenting tension, high danger and furious madness, of course.

Chases, crashes, explosions, battles, futuristic look of cars and heroes transform the “Mad Max: Fury Road” into the best action movie this decade.

The hard thriller with ear-splitting cacophony and grungy, quasi-Gothic color leaves everyone speechless. Brilliant camera work of genius John Seale and fabulous design of Colin Gibson can not be more appropriate: stunning meager landscapes and the burnt world seem alive and real. Words are not the main point of the apocalyptic chaos. Emotional hopelessness and absence of the characters are fully justified by cruel inhuman circumstances.

Their naked souls contain a surprising amount of depth and strength. Tom Hardy succeeds Mel Gibson in the role of Max and he does it with ease. The way he looks and says, how he drives, fights and shoots a shotgun all scream badass. He is the real hero. But dazzling acting of Charlize Theron as Imperator Furiosa, a smart, fearsome, one-armed rogue soldier, is amazing. Her steely gaze, stoic determination and action chops put Furiosa ahead of all. Charlize Theron creates an extremely strong and very iconic female character.

The movie looks magnificent, holistic, qualitative enough and worthy of watching, that ultimately makes it the summer’s first must-see movie.

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