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Introduction to Cloud Computing Coursework Example

Cloud computing refers to the use of computer software, hardware, and other resource services over the Internet. Cloud computing is relatively cheap but it is mostly preferred because it enables IT technicians to focus on other jobs instead of concentrating on database system running. Services such as computations and user data can be stored over the Internet. Cloud computing is a new way of managing computer resources. In order to cloud computer one has to open an account with Google, Amazon or Microsoft.

Question 1

Every time programs run in Linux, programs are added and removed from the stack frequently. When we talk about the stack size, we are basically referring to the amount of space that has been allocated. When the stack size is increased, what normally happens is that the number of instructions that can be sent and retrieved are increased. If the program at hand is not too big, then 8000kb stack is enough with only user-mode stuck but in a case where the program is too big, then both user-mode and system mode stacks can be necessary.

When the computer is switching from the kernel mode to user mode, the user process part and stack pointer are put in the kernel while eip is stored in the user mode, the rest of the registers are put in the kernel stack.

Question 3

When we talk of unscrambled we refer to restoring or in other words awakening something to perform its duties. In computing, terminologies are borrowed from our everyday life activities. So, in the case of Intel LSL we are basically talking of producing a much more powerful, fast, and more dynamic processor. Lets say that the earlier processors before the Intel LSL had a speed of 1.5GHz, it would then mean that this new processor has doubled the amount of the earlier processor.

Question 4

In EC2, Amazon is making use of a bare-metal Hypervisor in Xen whose major characteristics include the fact that it accommodates many instances running on its platform simultaneously what other people would see as several operating systems running parallel on a single host. Another characteristic that is synonymous with Xen is that to-date, it is probably the only hypervisor that has been made available to the market as open source.

Being as flexible as Xen is, it supports open source applications from across the board from simple tasks such as desktop virtualization to server virtualization.

Question 5

a) EC2 measures the CPU power of a virtual machine in terms of EC2 Compute Units. According to stackoverflow’s original documentation, several benchmarks and tests were used to determine how the Compute Units are translated into power of the physical processor. The documentation suggests that a CPU capacity of between 1.0 to 1.2 GHz in the Opteron manufactured in 2007 or the Xeon processor of the same year is given out by a single unit of EC2.

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