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The “Twin Perishers” Calamity And How This Social Cataclysm Made Me Change the Way I Viewed My Professional Path

September 11, the day when the world was lethally shaken with the most devastating and monstrous terrorist phenomenon, was the day my life took an irrevocable turn on the path to professional development. When you see your city being embraced in the piercing havoc and the impending fallout all you can think about is “never again.” This iconic phrase serving as some sort of a slogan to the 9/11 Commemoration Ceremony was also the starting point of making my mind about my professional vocation.

The horrific bombing that took place at the turn of the new era sowed the seeds of my aspirations for seeking the truth in things and then exposing it through a silver screen, averting anything similar to this heart-wrenching tragedy from happening in the future. The possibility came crashing down on me of creating powerful documentaries that would sharply raise awareness of the climacteric issues of the world thereby reshaping the destructive value model followed by the powers that be.

Becoming a documentary film director was how I saw my social mission of hijacking the truth.

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