An Exclusive Observation Essay Example

Fall Into the Sky

My bare feet feel the cold metal surface of the pier. It’s so good to feel this coolness after a long walk. My skin is goosebumpy, but excitement overcomes all other feelings. I come to the edge of the pier. The only sounds to break the silence are a gentle whisper of waves and my own breath.

I look down and see nothing. Only black emptiness. There is no moon in the sky, and I can’t see its magnificent reflection. But I keep trying to focus, and after a few moments, I see tiny spots of light on the water surface – shiny stars.

I’ve almost forgotten about my main purpose while watching stars and listening to the silence. A light breeze refreshes my mind and cools my body. My pulse is racing, and my thinking is becoming a bit cloudy. I make a step.

Just for a moment, I don’t feel anything. My body has no weight, and my mind is empty.

Then, I feel my feet hitting the water slightly. The temperature remains the same, as the water is no cooler than air on an August night. My muscles relax, but my lungs remind me that I can’t breathe underwater.

I swim out and take a deep breath. I float on water face up. I see the stars in the sky, and I see their fading reflections. I swim among the stars.

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