Biography Sample: Gian Lorenzo Bernini

What Differs Gian Lorenzo Bernini from Other Sculptors

Gian Lorenzo Bernini was an Italian architect and a very important artist of his time. He was born on December 7th,1598 and died in 28th of November, 1680 at the age of 82. Even though his masterpieces were in the architecture and sculptures, he was also a very proficient painter, play writer and metalwork artist (Encyclopædia Britannica Online).

The part that makes him so important to the art and sculpture history is the style that he was using when he created his artworks. This style was the Baroque style or to specify it clearer, dramatic naturalism that he was into (Bindman, 1970). If his works are examined well by trained or untrained eyes, one can see that he chose the dramatic moments from both history and mythology, and his works get their strong effect from this selection. Bernini’s technical proficiency and prowess to try newer were so high that it also affected his works as well. One good example for this proficiency would be “Blessed Ludovica Albertoni” which he had done between the years 1671 (some sources claim it was only a six-month work) and 1674 (Perlove, 1990).

Bernini is often called as the creator of Baroque which is true even though Bernini, himself, did not know it. He believed he was following the footsteps of great classical masters such as Michelangelo. However, his creations had much more dramatic effects. Even though it is hard to realize the differences between classical art and baroque art in architecture and sculptures for the untrained eyes, if scrutinized, the effects of his baroque style and dramatic naturalism can be seen. Thus with these big changes he brought to art history, his sculptures have long been tried to be copied, and this is what exactly is differing Bernini from other sculptors from his era.

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