Dissertation Outline Sample on Religious Studies

Executive Summary


How human kind should accept God.
Serving God
Respecting God
Giving Him a chance to control their destiny.

Thesis Statement

Define Ministry
God’s Chosen Biblical Leaders
King David
Characteristics of God’s Chosen Leaders
Offer sacrifices
A will to serve others
A desire to enhance and enrich other lives.

Factors Hindering Perseverance and Faith

The Healing and Restoration Process



God can use painful experiences to prepare and teach human kind for His ministry. He does not quantify the pain to pass His message. The Bible asserts that, human kind suffer from trials, temptations and broken hearts. However, they are still capable to triumph. Some people use past painful experiences to deal with current issues. The most important thing is accepting God in their lives by serving respecting and giving Him a chance to control their destiny.

Although pain can distort and divert people from God’s plans with regards to their lives and destiny, they should neither focus nor regard it as a hindrance. Instead, pain should be a stepping stone towards moving forward, growing and establishing stronger resourceful grounds for the ministry. People should overcome pain through God’s glory to be victors rather than victims (Andy 100).

Thesis Statement

This article aims at asserting that salvation is more important than ministry. Ministry refers to a resource, an intervention and a tool to build, assist, teach and chastise people to Biblical Foundations. Human kind should receive salvation to have a constant fellowship with Jesus. They should listen, hear, comprehend, obey and respect Jesus’ voice. The trials, temptations and painful experiences are God’s approaches in preparing human kind for His ministry. This article will therefore attempt to explain how human kind can achieve a purpose and fulfillment. It will explain how people can break or overcome trials, painful experiences and challenges hindering them from achieving and proving their purpose.

God’s Chosen Biblical Leaders

Biblical leaders include Moses, King David and Naomi. They all understood that pain is a challenging experience from God. Through these leaders, people should learn and accept that God chooses means and approaches to shower people with wisdom and knowledge. They should embrace an individual responsibility to teach and train other people to accept and receive God’s salvation, wisdom and knowledge. There are two types of pain. People can feel pain either due to their rebellious nature against God or if they choose to disobey, ignore, assume and disregard His will.

People should therefore acknowledge and accept that God has ordained their lives as a responsibility. If they fail to undertake the responsibility, it can hinder their ministerial duties and consequently more pain. The most important thing however is accepting that, to be victorious requires a strategy and preparation (Andy 102).

Characteristics of God’s Chosen Leaders

In order to undertake the ministry, God requires a perfect heart. Leaders in the ministry aim at achieving growth by focusing on the needs of the people following and serving them. Their hearts should therefore demonstrate love, humility, offer sacrifices, have the will to serve others and a desire to enhance and enrich other lives.

The Bible describes Naomi as a broken and grieving woman. Her name translates to being pleasant. She however was highly motivated to be successful. She was therefore a joyous woman until a painful experience overshadowed her pleasant life. However, God continued to acknowledge her perfect heart despite of the painful trials and temptations. The painful experiences included losing a family member and being separated from her friends. She however overcame them to become a stronger woman than she. She therefore used her grief to make more fulfilling and purposeful choices in her life. The King David, Lord and Savior Jesus lineage are attributed to her choices (Rob-Van 112).

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