An Annotated bibliography example for child psychology:

Waite, I. V. (2008). How to give birth to a happy child? (3rd ed.), rev., ext. – NY: Speech, pp. 160.

The book reflects the desire of the authors to orient future parents to the care not only of the physical health of the child, but also the care of the child’s mental well-being. The reader will find information about how a person’s life starts, how it grows, what can prevent it, and what contributes to its development. This information can help young parents to believe in their own strength, make the right conclusions, and make the decision most appropriate to the situation in which they find themselves.

The book differs from other similar publications in summarizing various information on the psychology and physiology of a pregnant woman and an unborn child, and they are not considered separate, but as a single system.

A Sample for annotated bibliography for management:

Waite, J. (2008). Management: Tutorial. Infra, NY.

The tutorial outlines the basics of the theory and practice of management. Much attention is paid to the economic management mechanism, which is considered at three levels: intrafirm management, production management, and personnel management. The general principles, functions, and economic issues of corporate governance are disclosed. When considering the problems of production management, attention is paid to ensuring the production process, classification of organizational structures, and management organization, and when considering personnel management, the choice of methods of influence on subordinates. The book can be used both for training managers and in the practice of managing enterprises and organizations of various forms of ownership. It is written under the program of universities, so it can be successfully used by students of higher educational institutions.

An example of an annotated bibliography for literature:

Clinton, L. Analysis of a Single Poem: Interuniversity Collection. 1985.

One of the best manuals for the analysis of the poem, a kind of “master class” for beginner philologists. Famous philologists headed by Clinton demonstrate brilliant analyses of selected poems of English poets of different centuries.

An example of an annotated bibliography for natural science:

Lewallen M. A., Keith S. C., Goins, S. (2013). Global environmental crisis. Problems and solutions. US Agricultural Academy, pp. 209.

This book is an attempt to summarize the available scientific data, devoted in one way or another to solving the problems of the global environmental crisis, broaden the reader’s outlook on current and future changes in the world, and show the capabilities of modern technologies and the capabilities of an individual person engaged in everyday work not directly related with environmental problems. The presented material will be of interest to all reading sections of the population and will bring some clarity to the vigorously discussed problems of the survival of humanity. The book is of interest to researchers engaged in environmental issues, teachers, graduate students, and students of environmental specialties, as well as all interested groups of the population.

An example of an annotated bibliography for chemistry:

Walker K., Myers E. (2014). Discreteness and continuity in the properties of chemical systems. pp. 175.

The book outlines methods for modeling the stages of chemical processes based on precision measurements of the parameters of their kinetics. The book is intended for researchers in the natural sciences, graduate students, and students. The representatives of the humanities, operating with large statistical samples, will find effective methods for preparing recommendations for decision-making. The chemical examples presented in the book will be useful to specialists in the field of information systems development.

An example of an annotated bibliography for biology:

Doss, D. (2014). Mushrooms and insects – consorts of forest-forming tree species of the USA. Research Center of the US Academy of Sciences, Forest Inst. pp. 217.

This monograph contains the results of many years of research on mushrooms and insect consorts of forest-forming woody plants of the USA. The species of ground and dendrotrophic fungi and xylophilous insects were revealed. New data on ecology are presented, and peculiarities of interrelations with tree species and geographical distribution are analyzed. The consortium relations with woody plants were determined at different phases of their ontogenesis, as well as during anthropogenic impacts on forest biogeocenoses.

An example of an annotated bibliography for health care:

Patrick M. (2014). Organization of sanatorium and resort activity: Manual for universities. Federal Agency for Tourism, pp. 270.

In the textbook in accordance with the curriculum of the profile of sanatorium and resort activity, the main materials related to the management of organizations of the sanatorium and resort complex are presented.

Whisenant C. (2014). England during the First World War: Economic situation, social processes, political crisis, pp. 982.

The collective monograph, published on the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War, examines a wide range of problems related to the country’s situation during the world military confrontation: England in the system of international relations, organization of state defense, demographic and social processes, the creation and functioning of the military economy, the influence of war on English society, the political panorama, and the maturing of the political crisis and war. The study summarizes the achievements of domestic and foreign historiography. The monograph is based on a wide range of sources, including archival material, first introduced into scientific circulation. The book is designed for a wide range of social scientists, teachers, and students of higher educational institutions, as well as all interested in national history.

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