How to Write an Illustration Essay: Complete Guide

In academic writing, there are types of papers used to corroborate certain ideas and hypotheses prior to studying and analyzing them in larger, more substantial academic works. Illustration essays belong to this category of academic writing – their aim is to prove the existence of a particular thing by demonstrating, or, as the name of the type of the paper suggests, illustrate its validity. The illustration of ideas and things in this type of essay can be done through answering a question extensively, providing solid proof to the idea offered, or exemplifying things and objects.

How to write an illustration essay, then? The process is indeed complicated and highly specific, underlied by a number of requirements and standards. For this reason, in this broad guide, you’ll discover the secret on how to write a comprehensive illustration essay. Moreover, in our helpful guide, you will find select illustration essay topics!

What Is an Illustration Essay?

An illustration essay is aimed at proving that a particular idea or thing exists through introducing the reader to valid statements that back up the existence of the subject. This type of essay serves as a fundamental introduction to deeper research to be made in an academic paper. Illustration essays are based on evidence, relevant facts, logical conclusions, and supporting arguments.

As a rule, illustration essays are written by students to learn how to make broader research in their research papers, obtaining the necessary skills that other, more complex forms of writing require. When creating an illustration essay, students learn the basics of science writing, thus getting acclimated to working with substantial research papers.

Now, we can move on to our hands-on guide on how to write an illustration essay.

Elements of an Illustration Essay

Creating an illustration essay requires a diligent and consistent approach from the writer. The structure of an illustration essay is, in a way, similar to other types of academic writing and comprises several stages that need to be considered by writers. An illustration essay is made of an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.


This part is critically important for your essay to be perceived properly by readers. The introductory part is expended to guide the reader into the further understanding of the essay and hook them. In your introduction, you have to provide readers with the brief information on what the essay is about and what exactly you’ll be illustrating in it.

Body Paragraphs

This is the main and most substantial part of your essay. The bulk of your essay needs to feature information on the subject matter and provide the reader with evidence for why the idea or thing discussed exists. The body paragraphs of an illustration essay include the following points:

  • Topic sentence
  • Background sentences
  • Research sentences
  • Analysis


In an illustration essay, the conclusion should recap the entire information provided earlier and briefly emphasize the essay’s main idea. You have to summarize everything stressed earlier and let the readers comprehend the essay’s main idea.

Illustration Essay Topics

  1. Is it true that customers are always right?
  2. Why the environment should be protected.
  3. What makes personal choice a critical asset of human life.
  4. Why people need US medical insurance.
  5. Self-development is a great way to succeed.
  6. Motivation helps college students accomplish large academic goals.
  7. The importance of legislation in regulating LGBT culture.
  8. Why the IT industry needs constant improvement.
  9. Do governments need to go harder on implementing crime-related laws?
  10. Is there any need for an eco-friendly education?
  11. Charity as one of the most progressive forms of modern life.

Drawing the Line

Illustration essays help students to gain the proper knowledge of how to tend to larger academic works and gain skills in researching topics. This type of academic essay serves as a basis for more substantial scholarly papers that require students to develop deeper proficiency in research. Through illustration essays, students can grasp the practice of science writing at large, learning to study topics and substantiate points in their papers. We hope that our super-effective guide will assist you in your writing endeavors. Remember that, in order to write like professionals do, you need to read professional recommendations first!

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