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Why School Uniforms Should Be Banned

Every person is unique and incomparable by nature. And our uniqueness always manifests itself in numerous ways, from what we say to what we wear. When it comes to clothes, however, the common stereotypes and social dogmas right away come into play: people tend to impose their biased values and preferences on others, dictating norms and rules of how they should dress. And this problem is especially critical in the educational sector, particularly in the school realm. As victims of social and cultural stereotypes, school students are forced to lose their individuality to some extent and obey the rules requiring them to wear uniforms.

The progressive lifestyle of today sets its own standards and norms, proclaiming the following: the implementation of school uniforms is unfitting for modern education and needs to be reviewed by the committee boards of schools. According to the latest methods that the secondary education sector is adopting, wearing uniforms is humiliating for pupils, as it prevents them from expressing their unique identities and developing the sense of identification and self-awareness. Based on psychological studies, imposing the rule of wearing a school uniform on students decreases their self-esteem and diminishes their belief in themselves.


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