Is Essay Writing Service Legal?

is essay writing service legal?
When you find yourself doubting whether or not essay writing service is legal, you are most likely skeptical about using the service. The answer is yes. It is absolutely legal and acceptable to outsource your essay writing needs from a credible essay writing service. Why would think that Essay writing services are illegal. Before I give you my reasons for agreeing that outsourcing essay writing is completely fine, let me share my short with you. Before becoming a professional essay writer and starting this essay writing service, I was a website designer and a copywriter. I used to write sales pages, sales letters, and email marketing automation. Businesses were paying me to fix these digital marketing solutions for them, and I loved it. Being an entrepreneur does not mean you can do the business writing and all operations work.

Essay writing service creates work-education balance

In the United States, more than 70% in college today are working to raise some income. Balancing between education, strict deadlines to complete your assignments and still show up to work can be a pain in the ass. Now, do you know the power of Essay Writing Services? It is to provide therapeutic treatment to this type of pain.

Essay Writing Service Saves Your Time

College professors are now more than ever strict and stubborn on plagiarism and poorly structured essays. With a load of assignments, sometimes it is difficult for you to find authoritative source and cite them correctly. I’m not surprised to note that most colleges will not teach you how to structure your writing properly, yet they attach a lot of significance while awarding points to these essays. How does essay writing service save your time? Do you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend? Now, you can imagine what it would feel like to miss that quality time and not be with your loved one. Things will not work very well for you. Additionally, you do not call shots unless you know you have someone to relieve you of this burden. We are all humans. Anyone can forget to complete their assignments on time due to other commitments in life. This makes essay writing experts an indispensable asset for any university student.

Commercialized College Degrees

The world is changing and you have to change with it. Sometimes you might wonder what would happen if you outsourced your essay writing needs on your profession. The truth is 80% of college degrees teach content that is highly theoretical and not applicable in the place of work. So, no one will judge you or credit you for suffering burn outs that could be avoided using an essay writing service. 70% of university graduates do not practice in fields  of their educational background adding more relevance and validity to seek an online essay writing service. This is because universities want to keep you busy thinking you are getting value for your fees, whereas the truth is you will not use that knowledge anywhere. I’m not sharing this information with you to demotivate you but save you the frustrations of not focusing on what you love stuck on completing your nagging assignments on your own.

How Much Should You Pay an Essay Writing Service?

My team and I have worked with students in almost every discipline now and before that we did not have a clear pricing strategy for our essay writing service. Initially we charged on a hourly basis, but today we charge based on the following metric;
  • Complexity of your assignment or essay needs.
  • Urgency of your essay
  • Your academic level and expectations of the deliverable.
  • Project length.
For example, a simple 5 paragraph essay of about 1000words on “Effects of Globalization in the United States Stock Markets” would cost between $50 and $120 depending on the urgency. Please check more on our pricing calculator. The typical price for most essay writing services, however, ranges between $10 to $ 46 per page, depending on the metrics I mentioned above. Therefore, you should pay anything between two figures per page for your essay writing needs. So, far so good. If you are at the verge of suffering another burn out, or need an extended time with your loved ones, or even cannot find the right sources for your essay, you can talk to us and see how we can help. Start a live chat here.  

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