How to Deal With a Response Paper Easily and Quickly

If you think that summaries and reviews are enough to write about books and movies, we’re gonna surprise you! A response paper is another genre in this category. For those who have never heard of it, we have provided this awesome guide. In addition, one of our writers has created an exclusive response paper example […]

How to Write a Good Precis and Learn Faster

Wise professors say that students should write as many cheat notes as possible. But, they certainly aren’t allowed to use them during the exam. So why waste your time on these useless little sheets of paper? The answer might surprise you. Writing the cheat notes, actually, helps you to learn and memorize information. Every time […]

Generating the Proper Essay Format: The Ultimate Guide

Applying a certain structure to things and giving them an appropriate shape serve as a grand finale to organizing your work and giving it the proper worth. And these pivotal steps are must-haves for idea-fueled academic writing where you argue your standpoint or provide deep insight into a phenomenon – yes, we are referring to […]

How to Write a Reflective Essay and Why It’s Important

Reflective Essay? What Is This? Actually, a reflective essay is a type of writing that is aimed to analyze experiences and situations. This type of essay differs from traditional academic papers, as it asks to discuss your own feelings and performance. Reflective writing is not a pouring of everything that you feel about a certain […]

Thematic Essay Sample

How Is the Relationship Between Human and Dog Presented in the Novel The Call of the Wild? Connected Feelings Dog is man’s best friend. This is considered a cliché because we all know the “uses” of dogs in our lives. They can be guard dogs, hunting dogs, herding dogs, guide dogs, and police dogs (“Dog”). Clearly, […]

How to Write a Thematic Essay

What Is a Thematic Essay? A thematic essay is a type of essay where the writer develops the main theme in literature using particular literary devices like personification, imagery, metaphor, and so on. The significance of the theme should be expressed by the writer. The main challenge for writing this type of essay is that […]

An Exclusive Observation Essay Example

Fall Into the Sky My bare feet feel the cold metal surface of the pier. It’s so good to feel this coolness after a long walk. My skin is goosebumpy, but excitement overcomes all other feelings. I come to the edge of the pier. The only sounds to break the silence are a gentle whisper […]

How to Amaze Readers With an Observation Essay

Have you ever dreamed of drawing a beautiful picture? Maybe a landscape or a portrait of your favorite actor? Unfortunately, not all of us have an inborn talent for drawing or enough time to practice artistic skills. There is a nice alternative: an observation essay. Observation essays are almost like pictures. But your major tool […]

How to Write a Hook in the Shortest Time

In order to be remembered, you need not only to be listened to, but also to be heard. You need to learn how to hook readers and make them addicted, happy slaves of your essays. How do you do it? Your task is to stir them up, make them feel “alive” at least for a […]

A Scholarship Essay Example

The “Twin Perishers” Calamity And How This Social Cataclysm Made Me Change the Way I Viewed My Professional Path September 11, the day when the world was lethally shaken with the most devastating and monstrous terrorist phenomenon, was the day my life took an irrevocable turn on the path to professional development. When you see […]